Track the process

Track the logistics process from the start till the end

A detailed "Request Making" module within LogAware avoids misunderstanding and errors during the transportation request formulation process.

A comprehensive "Offer making" module within LogAware avoids misunderstandings and fraud when companies charge transport services. We allow the subscribers to make their offer as detailed as possible.

The platform offers flexibility in that, upon launching the transportation process, if there is a difference in price or transportation conditions, the system provides an option that allows parties to inform each other about the alterations. This possibility helps participants intervene immediately, confirm, or reject any modifications in price, terms, and transportation conditions when the transportation circumstances change. The system will automatically generate the updated offer, and as a result, after the arrival of cargoes, customers will not suffer from modified transportation invoice amounts with unjustified charges. This feature of the platform helps to avoid any misunderstanding among the players in the logistics process.

Every move taken will remain recorded within the "History" window. This option will also help to solve any misunderstanding and conflict between parties. After fulfilling the transportation process, the subscriber will be able to open the operation window of particular transportation and search for respective transport-related information with just a few clicks.

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Track the Process

Track the logistics process from the start till the end.

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Track the Cargo

Track your cargo automatically on a regular basis.

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Document Management

Upload all transport-related documents by using Files sub-window.

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Live Chat

Live chat possibilities for each specific transport.

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Keep the track of operations and staff statistics.

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